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3 reasons to fight a New Jersey reckless driving charge

| Oct 1, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

Most of the time, traffic stops result in citations. The officer will write a ticket that the driver will have to pay. However, some traffic infractions actually result in criminal charges. 

In New Jersey, a police officer could arrest you on suspicion of reckless driving for excessive speeding or other concerning behaviors. If they do, fighting back against those charges may be a much better decision for you than pleading guilty because you don’t want to go to court. 

Why would the average person benefit from defending against a reckless driving charge?

They can avoid adding points to their license

Every traffic offense leads to more points on your license. Once you have 12 total points, the state will suspend your license. If you already have a couple of tickets on your record, a reckless driving offense might put you over the limit. Reckless driving docks five points off your license.

They can keep their criminal record clean

While you may think that a driving offense won’t have any practical consequences, some employers have zero-tolerance policies for any kind of criminal conviction. Even a driving-related misdemeanor could mean that you don’t qualify for a new job or that promotion that you really wanted.

They can save themselves a lot of money

A reckless driving charge comes with a fine. Beyond that, you can expect your insurance company to increase what they charge you to reflect the seriousness of your recent driving infraction. 

Fight back against a reckless driving charge could save you money and protect you and your driver’s license.