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Study links ride-hailing to reduced risk of drunk driving deaths

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

Drunk driving is something that drivers should avoid at all costs, because the penalties are significant. You may end up losing your license, paying thousands in fines or facing other repercussions if you decide to drink and drive.

One of the options that you have if you’ve been drinking is to call for a ride-hailing service to take you home. This is a great option for most people since drivers often work in places where cabs aren’t as common.

According to one study, ride-hailing services may help reduce drunk driving deaths

A study out of Chicago has found that an uptick in ride-hailing trips has been linked to fewer alcohol-related crashes. Researchers looked at this city’s data because it is released publicly there.

What’s interesting about the study is that it looks at ride-hailing data and the number of drunk driving crashes in the same area, rather than comparing the data to an area without those services. Using statistics to match 962 collisions involving alcohol and comparing them to another 962 without, the researchers could identify the number of ride-hailing trips in progress when those crashes happened.

Looking at the density of ride-hailing in those areas, the researchers could work out that there was a decrease in the chances of a crash being related to alcohol when those services were used.

What does this mean for the average driver? The overall point is that ride-hailing services provide a service that is cheaper and easier than getting a taxi, which then means that more people can opt to get a ride when needed. This directly impacts the likelihood of drunk drivers being on the road.

What if you get arrested?

Drunk driving crashes or traffic violations may seriously change your life. If you can’t find another ride and then you’re stopped by the authorities, remember that you will need to build a defense and consider the options you have to protect your future.